"You can make a difference..."

AIDS Services of Dallas (ASD) has provided permanent supportive housing for individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS since 1987. To our residents, housing is healthcare. A stable home environment is vital for a quality of life and for medication to be truly effective. Your generous support in any amount makes a HUGE difference in the lives of our residents.

As we move toward our 30th anniversary in 2017, ASD approaches an important milestone in its history, having provided 1,316,432 nights of housing and essential services to 2,040 men, women and children.

"Nights of Housing" is a tangible way you can give DIRECTLY to our residents - and help ASD reach our goal to fund 1,000 nights each year. Your gift of just $40.62 provides one night of housing and care - a small amount that makes a BIG impact. Of course, larger gifts are always appreciated if you are able. The continued need for affordable housing is evidenced by the 146 people on our waiting list who need a place to call home.

Please consider your gift today.

Your help is needed now more than ever due to the increasing costs of providing care while government dollars continue to shift. By returning your contribution, you enable us to give hope to many people in need of a warm bed, roof over their head, food and life-saving services.

Thank you for your continued generous support of our residents.